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More participation, less travel expenses - increase productivity in web meetings and achieve results faster.



0 €


  • 3 participants per workshop
  • 2 Unlimited sessions
  • Anyone can participate for free!
  • No export
  • Free of charge!


39 €/ month


  • 20 participants per workshop
  • 20 Unlimited sessions
  • Anyone can participate for free!
  • Export: Excel, Word, PDF
  • Monthly payment


Price upon request


  • Dedicated platform for your company
  • a) Hosted in Germany or
  • b) Installed within your data center
  • Premium support, customization, ...
  • Annual payment
All prices listed are subject to the statutory value added tax.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a workshop?

Each workshop takes place in a virtual conference room. In a workshop you try to tackle a topic with other participants. All participants are working on a virtual workspace and follow step-by-step instructions (facilitation). The results can then be evaluated and immediately downloaded.

How can I invite someone to a workshop?

When you start a workshop you can enter email addresses of other people you would like to invite. IdeaClouds sends an invitation to your workshop via email containing a link. By clicking on it, invited persons can join the workshop. In addition, they receive an IdeaClouds FREE account.

What are participants?

A registered IdeaClouds host can start a workshop and invite other persons to it via email address. These participants can work together for free in a workshop.

What is a dedicated platform?

You get an IdeaClouds platform with your company logo that is accessible by your companies' employees only. This platform is hosted on a server instance in Germany that is set up exclusively for you.

How can I buy licenses for IdeaClouds?

Contact us if you are interested in using IdeaClouds in your company. We offer free online workshops and can send you a non-binding offer.

How long can I use IdeaClouds for free?

You can use the FREE plan without temporal restrictions.

How and when can I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe 3 days prior end of the current license period. You can unsubscribe via our contact form by entering the registered email addresses and customer numbers.