Fewer meetings. Better results.

Achieve better results in less time with your team: IdeaClouds is the easiest collaboration tool for digital workshops and online brainstorming.

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Collaborate online

Work together across locations and departments. Save traveling time. Minimal organizational effort.

Active collaboration

Activate participation and real teamwork. Avoid lean-back experience of web conferences.

Make decisions faster

Rate, vote and prioritize together - anonymously. No group pressure. No endless discussions.

Teamwork as in workshops

Work simultaneously on a shared whiteboard. In meetings or over several days. Exchange ideas, develop concepts or collect feedback - in realtime! Evaluate results by means of different criteria (e.g. business value and feasibility) and export everything as Excel, Word or PDF file.

Online whiteboard for active collaboration

  • in web meetings for Brainstorming and decision making
  • in workshops for idea and business model development
  • in agile project management for Kanban and Retrospective
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    Team goals previously achieved in weeks can now be achieved in hours with IdeaClouds. In addition, we save around 10,000 € travel costs per workshop.

    Fabian Schlage, Head of Ecosystem Engagement, Nokia

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    MAHLE International GmbH

    IdeaClouds enable us to conduct online Value Analysis workshops in the most effective way. Effort and costs are minimized for participants/moderator and the easy handling leads to best results. By reducing travel activities, not only costs are saved, also the CO2 footprint is improved and this protects the environment. Many thanks to the team of IdeaClouds!

    Rainer Hardegger, Value Analysis Expert, MAHLE International GmbH

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    TÜV Nord Group

    Compared to whiteboard tools, IdeaClouds allows us – and more importantly our customers – to achieve results faster and more easily in online workshops. Thanks to IdeaClouds, we were able to re-design our complete range of workshops for online use in a very short time.

    Dr. Dietmar Schlößer, Director Digitalization & Innovation, TÜV Nord Group

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    Robert Bosch Car Multimedia GmbH

    Intuitive and easy to use tool. Ideal in combination with classic communication platforms. Gives us the chance to collect content before and after a meeting. One keystroke and the documentation is ready - no need to take pictures, no need to search for "who is typing the data?”. A tool that makes us faster and more efficient. It gives us exactly what we need in virtual management meetings for short workshop sessions / brainstorming phases. Already successfully used for large events >50 people. Makes you want more!

    Klaus Röder, Vice president Organizational Development CM/DBE, Robert Bosch Car Multimedia GmbH

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    JOST World

    With IdeaClouds we were able to reduce the duration of our innovation workshops from 3 days to 3 hours - with excellent results!

    Michael Fischer, Vice President Product Development, JOST World

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    Bosch Power Tools GmbH

    Benchtop Days bring together more than 40 people from 3 PowerTools Business Units and central purchasing once a year to discuss strategies, work on value streams and agree on team targets. In spite of Covid 19, IdeaClouds besides Skype enabled us to conduct our meeting completely virtual with attendees from 8 countries in 5 time zones (US, EU, AP), and to achieve excellent workshop results. Plus we saved about €40,000 in travel costs.

    Andreas Hüttmann, Business Owner Benchtop Industrialized Markets PRO, Bosch Power Tools GmbH

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    Robert Bosch GmbH

    With IdeaClouds our HR department could conceive a whole global event for our educational consultants in only 30 minutes.

    Aron Mattis, Educational consultant HR, Robert Bosch GmbH

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    Felss Rotaform GmbH

    With IdeaClouds we only need 1 hour instead of 4 hours in our team workshops to achieve optimal results. We also save several hours of documentation effort and reach our goals faster - without wasting time in endless discussions.

    Abdullah Sag, Head of Quality Management, Felss Rotaform GmbH

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    Die Unternehmensgruppe des Bildungswerks der Bayerischen Wirtschaft e. V.

    Our first project with IdeaClouds was a business report. With IdeaClouds our management could bring in their ideas and prioritize proposals whenever they had time. That was perfect! We saved a lot of work and travel expenses. Also the automatic documentation of our project progress is very useful. Now we have time to concentrate on the substantial work!

    Solveig Wehking, Head of corporate communications, Die Unternehmensgruppe des Bildungswerks der Bayerischen Wirtschaft e. V.

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    Schneider Electric Deutschland GmbH

    We were afraid that we would not be able to hold our workshops because of Corona. Thanks to IdeaClouds this concern was completely unfounded! We were surprised how quickly and successfully we could involve colleagues across multiple locations and establish a new virtual workshop culture. The excellent results speak for themselves and make us forget about the cancelled on-site workshops.

    Birgit Königsheim, Vice President Field Services DACH, Schneider Electric Deutschland GmbH

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