Case studies

Case studies and success stories from our customers

How the transformation business unit of NOKIA collected $15 million potential savings with process optimization ideas in one IdeaClouds workshop only and saves the company $10,000 in travel costs with each IdeaClouds workshop.

How 3 departments at MAHLE used IdeaClouds to improve global collaboration and reduce meeting costs by €6,000 per meeting through flexible and more active employee participation.

How more than 40 people from 3 business units and 8 countries in 5 time zones (US, EU, AP) at BOSCH used IdeaClouds to agree on common strategic goals and saved €40,000 in travel costs.

JOST faced a challenge in the trucking industry as truck drivers often struggle with coupling their vehicles and trailers, leading to accidents.

With the help of IdeaClouds, the idea of a camera system integrated directly into the trailer coupling was developed: the "King Pin Finder".

The King Pin Finder was a huge success for JOST and gained significant attention at the International Motor Show (IAA).

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