Collective notebook method

Collect ideas over a longer period of time – first alone, than together


The Collective notebook method is suitable for collecting ideas over a longer period of time. All participants initially collect their ideas alone, on a private IdeaClouds whiteboard. The collection of ideas can take place over one or several weeks. Then the facilitator starts the second step: all participants and all ideas come together on an IdeaClouds team whiteboard. The ideas can then be further processed and evaluated together.


Potential cost savings are to be collected for a value analysis. The facilitator starts the Collective Notebook method in IdeaClouds and invites the participants. Each participant is automatically assigned their own whiteboard by IdeaClouds. The participants are asked to write down at least one new idea every day. There is no need to schedule a meeting, as each participant can write down their ideas when they have time. After a week, the facilitator finishes the first step of idea collection and starts the team phase. The team groups duplicates and works out a few more unclear ideas. Afterwards, the team prioritizes all the ideas to determine which one has the greatest potential for cost savings.


1. Describe the problem you want to solve (e.g. "Where can we save costs in the manufacture of our new product?").

2. Start an IdeaClouds workshop with the Collective notebook method

3. Invite participants

4. Let participants brainstorm on their own for a week.

5. Start the team phase, let the participants group duplicates and try to improve the ideas.

6. Start the evaluation phase and let the participants prioritize the ideas.

Do you want to collect your team's ideas?