Random word technique

Let random words stimulate you to generate new ideas

Would you like to apply the random word technique quickly and easily? Let IdeaClouds guide you step by step.


The popular and easy creativity technique “Random word technique” uses random buzzwords as mental trampolines to find new ideas. These buzzwords are not related to the main problem.


A family is thinking about its next holiday destination. The buzzword “pocketknife” is associated with the concept “Almost everything you need in a compact space” by one of the family members, so he suggests renting a camper van and riding on it for the holidays.


1. Describe the problem you want to solve (e.g. "Improve canteen")

2. Name something that has nothing to do with your problem (e.g. "frog")

3. Describe the properties (e.g. "it's green")

4. Try to come up with new ideas to solve your problem with the help of the properties (e.g. "it's green" = "salad bar")

Generate new ideas with the Random word technique.