Semantic intuition

Similarly to the “Stimulus word method”, “Semantic Intuition” is a creative technique used in order to generate ideas. New product ideas or process-optimization ideas can be found and developed with this method, as an example. Two keywords associated with the problem-to-solve are changed and combined. These word combinations serve as stimuli for finding ideas.

  1. Selecting two keywords from the problem setting (noun and verb OR noun and adjective).
  2. Finding synonyms or similar meanings for these keywords.
  3. Combining the found synonyms in a way they can be used meaningfully.
  4. Finding solutions to the problem using the new combinations.


Problem: How can we improve our teamwork?

  1. Keywords: teamwork, improve
  2. Synonyms for teamwork: meeting, information exchange, synonyms for improve: advance, upgrade
  3. Word combinations: upgrade information exchange
  4. Solution: Upgrade information software

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