Semantic intuition

Generate new ideas by combining words

Would you like to apply the semantic intuition quickly and easily? Let IdeaClouds guide you step by step.


Choose the most important noun and verb or adjective from your problem statement and find synonyms or semantically related words for them.

Then form different noun-verb or noun-adjective combinations that you can use to develop solution ideas.


1. Formulate a question about your problem.

2. Choose the most important noun and verb or adjective from your question.

3. Brainstorm synonyms or related words for the selected noun.

3. Brainstorm synonyms or related words to the selected verb or adjective.

4. Form word pairs by combining the nouns with the verbs or adjectives.

5. Try to derive solution ideas from the word pairs.


An R&D team at a logistics company wants to solve the following problem: "How can we deliver packages more cost-effectively?" First, the team identifies the most important noun ("packages") and the most important verb ("deliver"). Then they brainstorm synonyms and related words for "packages" ("envelopes", "boxes") and "deliver" ("send", "deposit"). Combining them results in the following word pairs: "send boxes", "send envelopes" and "deposit packages".

From this, the following solution idea can be derived: Customers are offered a self-service that allows them to send the contents of their parcels unpackaged in standardized envelopes and boxes offered by the provider. The address is entered via smartphone and is linked to the envelope or box via a QR code. The standardized envelopes and boxes are lighter than the previous packaging and are easier to stack in the delivery truck. In addition, parcel acceptance is automated.

Try the semantic intuition to generate new ideas.