MS Teams integration for IdeaClouds

October 26, 2022

Easily integrate IdeaClouds into your MS Teams meetings

Do you spend a lot of time in MS Teams meetings and wish for more participation, faster decision-making and better documentation?


Benefit from both tools – MS Teams and IdeaClouds!

  • Stay in your familiar MS Teams environment
  • Share your IdeaClouds Workshop link more easily
  • Participants can join your workshop faster
  • After PowerPoint presentations, you can switch more quickly to interactive group work and back
  • Include IdeaClouds more often between conversations for voting, evaluation and decision making
  • Increase participation in your meetings and get results faster
  • Reduce meeting time to focus on other important tasks
  • Use IdeaClouds also to collect feedback after your workshop
  • Save documentation effort

How to integrate IdeaClouds in MS Teams:

1. Open MS Teams, go to the “Teams” section and click on “Create team”

2. Create a team (e.g. from scratch)

3. Select a “Private” team

4. Give your team a name (e.g. “Workshop team”)

5. Add members to your team

6. Click on the “+”

7. Search for “Website” and click on the “Website” icon

8. Open IdeaClouds and create a new workshop

9. Click on the invitation icon, change the access settings to “Anyone with link can join” and copy the IdeaClouds workshop link

10. Go back to MS Teams, enter a tab name and paste the IdeaClouds workshop link you copied before

12. Ready to brainstorm! All members of your team can join your IdeaClouds workshop by clicking on the new tab (see "IdeaClouds Workshop" in the screenshot)