New “Agreement evaluation” technique released for better team alignment: Check that all team members agree with your ideas

February 28, 2022

Ask for agreement level, e.g. to evaluate the acceptance of proposals or options: strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree, strongly disagree.

When should you use the agreement evaluation technique?

Use the agreement evaluation technique, e.g., for your team alignment meetings or project kick-off workshops.

What are the benefits of using the agreement evaluation technique?

When all team members pull together, you can achieve your goals faster. If team members have objections to the way forward, find out and clarify them early. With the new acceptance evaluation technique, you can check more quickly if every team member agrees with your ideas or whether there is resistance to some ideas.

How to use the agreement evaluation technique

  1. Select the evaluation technique “Agreement” and start a new IdeaClouds session
  2. Write down your ideas, suggestions, proposals, goals, etc. on the workspace
  3. Let the team members add their ideas etc.
  4. Start the evaluation phase and let the team members evaluate the ideas according to agreement
  5. Finish the evaluation phase and discuss the ideas with little agreement, which are further down in the ranking on the result page

Something else you should know?

Start another session to improve the ideas with little agreement or develop alternative ideas as a team. Check out how to start follow-up sessions with the team session chain feature here.

We hope our new feature will lead to better alignment with your team so you can complete your projects faster and achieve your goals sooner. ­čĹŹ