New evaluation technique “Effort/Benefit” available for IdeaClouds!

September 14, 2021

Are you a cost engineer wanting to evaluate ideas for cost savings? Do you work in a continuous improvement team wanting to prioritize ideas for improvement? With IdeaClouds, you now have a new evaluation technique to rate the efforts and benefits of your ideas together with your team.

Do your ideas have the potential for improvement or new products?

If you want to know whether your generated ideas have a high potential for improvement or new products, you should evaluate the effort to realize the idea and the benefit of the idea. This evaluation method is especially suitable for value analysts, continuous improvement process coordinators, and Agile teams.

The informative results chart enables you to the ideas your team should pursue further at a glance – ideas that can be implemented quickly, bringing great added value.

Speed up your decision-making process

With this appropriate evaluation method you will speed up your team’s decision making, saving endless discussions in your meetings.

You no longer need to use inappropriate scoring methods, such as points or thumbs-up, because such methods create a bias in the decision-making process.

How to use the “Effort/Benefit” evaluation method

When you create your workshop, you can select the “Effort/Benefit” evaluation method under “Advanced Workshop Settings”.

We hope our new template will be beneficial for your next retrospective session and enable you to receive added feedback from your team. ­čĹŹ