Generate and evaluate ideas with less effort

IdeaClouds helps you to achieve better results faster in online idea generation and evaluation workshops. With minimal facilitation effort, you get a fully evaluated and well-documented collection of ideas.

Less preparation effort

Super-easy and lightweight online workshops. Participants can contribute their ideas at any time. No training required!

Faster idea evaluation

Use different criteria for idea evaluation. For example, have participants rate the effort and benefit of ideas.

No documentation effort

Never again type out illegible post-its! Download a documentation of your results with one click. Excel, Word and PDF export.

Facilitators ❤ IdeaClouds


Our digital approach for idea generation

Generate, evaluate and report ideas in a modern way


Generate ideas

Participants note their ideas on idea cards.

The idea cards can be grouped and categorized.


Evaluate ideas

Each participant can evaluate the ideas.

The facilitator has more than 10 evaluation criteria to choose from.


Export results

After idea evaluation, the results are presented in a ranking or diagram.

The results can be downloaded immediately.

Idea evaluation methods

Recommended for PRO facilitators!

Experiences of experts


Create your own online workshop and discover new ideas with your team.