Get better team feedback faster in fair online retrospective sessions.

IdeaClouds transforms retro meetings into a highly engaging and participative experience for everyone.

Anonymous participation

Everyone can express their opinion anonymously - without fear of criticism!

Quick prioritization

Find out which improvement is most important to your team.

Customizable templates

Use our standard retrospective templates or create your own.

Agile teams ❤ IdeaClouds

Agile teams

How it works

Get open and fearless feedback!


Collect feedback

Participants write down their feedback on cards. 

Afterwards, the feedback cards can be grouped and categorized.


Prioritize feedback

Each participant can prioritize the feedback cards.

The participants only see their own evaluations.


Get results

After the feedback cards have been prioritized by all participants, they are ranked. 

Documentation can be downloaded.

Retrospective templates

Methods for agile retro sessions

Experiences of our customers


Get feedback from your team now so you can improve team collaboration sooner.